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Amritsar to New Delhi

(Wednesday 29 February 2012) by Andy and Babs
Amritsar to Delhi.

Well this is it folks. Final blog from the intrepid travellers.:-(

Can't quite believe our trip is almost over. Where have the 19 days gone? I hope you enjoyed following us around as much as we enjoyed doing it.

Our final train trip passed quickly and all went well as we pulled in to New Delhi Station. Our rep was quickly on board the train to help us off with our luggage. We were whisked through the station at a rate of knotts, in some places I was almost running to keep up. I don't think he wanted us to linger around as it was heaving with people and the traffic was horrendous.>:-(

A short trip brought us to our home for 2 nights. A very upmarket hotel with beautiful marble floors and lavishly decorated. Full of cosmopolitan people....seemed strange to see so many white faces. We have been in the minority throughout our journey. In fact we never saw another white face on all our train trips.:-|

Breakfast over we were picked up at 9am and taken for a comprehensive tour of all the old parts of Delhi. An interesting stroll through the bazaar where all manner of food stuff was on display. Some interesting and some downright stomach churning. We finally managed a trishaw ride around. Most uncomfortable as the roads are full of potholes and it was all a bit scary avoiding all the cars and hordes of people going about their business.

Our guide for this segment of our trip was not a very endearing man. Sometimes you click with someone and others you take an instant dislike to. He was definitely the latter. Don't really think he wanted to be taking us around and was very off.>:-(

When we were taken through this building site and asked to cross a very busy road to end up at some shop he was obviously getting a backhander from....Andy flipped his lid and from that moment on it was downhill. }-)

Next we were told that him and the driver required lunch, he had not had any breakfast. He wanted to stop for 20 minutes. Having taken us to this restaurant where we told him, once he had finished chatting on his mobile, that we didn't want any lunch and would like to return to our hotel as that was the end of the guided tour.

He proceeded to rant and rave at us that he was not answerable to us and he was in the right, and wasn't going to argue with us. However, the driver appeared to be quite happy to take us back, so jumping into the back of the car we all set off. Guide was muttering and moaning and then to our surprise, 5 minutes down the road the car was stopped and the guide got out, slammed the door and buggered off. Now in all our years of travelling, that has never happened before.8-O

Mega complaints are going to be lodged with our company as regards his behaviour. Arrogant bastard!!!!>:-(

Driver was wonderful though, took us back to some of the sights we didn't see in the morning and threw in another one for free.
Returning us to our hotel he was given the guides tip for the day, in addition to his own. Lovely man!

The remainder of our stay has/is being spent lolling around and doing absolutely nothing. We've checked in for our flight in the morning so all we have to do now is re pack.:-)

To sum up our Indian trip......aside from Andy's illness, my streaming cold and our nasty guide this morning, it has been the trip of a lifetime and a truly wonderful experience. India, I think we are both in agreement, is aptly named "Incredible" I feel we have seen the "real" India. Delhi is a very modern city with every conceivable designer shop etc etc. so very different to anywhere else we have been.:-\ The contrast between the earlier places we had visited was extreme.

The train journeys were comfortable, clean "ish" and gave us an insight into a different side of Indian life. I personally loved every minute of it. Think Andy would have enjoyed it even more if he had been feeling well.

So that's it my faithful readers. Thank you all who have read and made comments, it makes it all worthwhile to know that you have been following us with interest.:-*

Until next time......:-(

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