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Final Day in Hong Kong

(Friday 24 September 2010) by Andy and Babs
Final Day in Hong Kong.

:-(Well that's it folks, final blog.

Awake early this morning with Andy still feeling rough but over the worst of it. Time now for one final breakfast, well a slice of buttered toast for me and a dry bit for the patient. Back to face the packing for the last time....can't believe how many times these skirts, tops and all other pieces of clothing that just never got worn were hung up, packed, repacked and then decided to fling them in the bin. Well half of them didn't fit any more due to the increase in waist size. Strict diet on my/our return me thinks.

Can't believe the sun is now shining, typical, last day and all that. Packing completed and Andy was left to loll around and continue with his recovery, I headed off for one last trip down the street and a final walk around Victoria Park. The men were in dismantling all the lanterns and removing all traces of a very successful night before, when the sounds of music, floated up to our hotel room and the babble of thousands of people having a good time, but all we could do was gaze down from our 23rd floor window. Oh well that's life!!!! So many people in the park this morning. Some doing exercises, some reading, some eating and others just sat around chatting. Oh it does make me feel so sad to be leaving. I sat amongst them all for an hour or so and then thought I'd better head back and get ready for check out.

Taxi whisked us off to the Airport Express Station and we were soon on board the super fast train and heading off to catch our plane. I was looking forward to having a couple of hours in the comfort of the Business Class lounge, but no such luck. Lounge being too far away from our Gate we had to join all the other passengers. No nibbles for us!!!! I did my usual stomping of feet and of course it was all Andy's fault, being unable to do much walking. Oh well......ahead of the queue for boarding so that sort of made up for it, well......nearly.

On board and settled into our little cocoons once more. What a wonderful way to nice to be able to actually lie down with a pillow and duvet. Service throughout the flight was superb and I do like the way they always greet you by name when talking to you. 3 Movies, 2 Tv programes, and about 3 hours sleep soon helped to pass the time and before we knew it we were coming in to land at Heathrow. What a shame then that we had to sit on the tarmac for half an hour until a space became available for us. Immigration completed and baggage collected it was out into the dark and cold, three cheers for that nice jacket I just had to buy in Sydney, it certainly came in handy.

The bus finally arrived and eventually delivered us to the car park. Suitcases loaded into the boot, we were soon on our way home. Oh dear!!!!! I do hate coming home after our trips away. I know it's got to be done but I really don't like it. Only benefit is seeing my family and friends again. Tried to persuade Andy to fly on to Singapore for another few days, to take in the F1, but he said there were no tickets left....mmmmm do I believe him????

It's now midnight and how exciting, a stop off at Asda to get in a few supplies. I've never been shopping at this time of very weird to be the only customer in the store. Plenty of night workers with piles of crates all over the place. Supplies now purchased and homeward bound.

So here we are now, the first morning back. Makes a change to have air conditioned streets and a hot house. Think I prefer it the other way round. Can't wait to see all my family once more and catch up with all friends.

What a wonderful trip, just left with the memories and the photographs. Where did the 4 weeks go....although re reading all my blogs, we did do such a lot and had some wonderful experiences.

:-)Thank you all for following our adventures and your kind comments. What will I do now? Roll on the next chapter in the life of the Globetrotting Andrewarthas. Where next I wonder!!!!!

So farewell until the next time.

Andy and Babs


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