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After the Rains

(Wednesday 22 September 2010) by Andy and Babs
Hi Folks

:-(Here I sit in my lonely hotel room with a now poorly husband, who has been up most of the night being ill. Could always go out by myself but don't like to leave him alone, just in case!!!!.
Typical that this should happen, as today the rain has finally stopped and it is getting brighter minute by minute. Oh well like I have commented before, we will just have to return and complete all the things we were going to do.

Just thought for an exercise I would comment on everything I can see from the hotel window. Got nothing better to do soooooo......

Starting on my left hand side With towering skyscrapers and lots of green trees interspersed with winding roads going off in different directions. On the top of one of the skyscrapers are 3 tennis courts, still drying out from all the rain. Continuing on round are 15 more tennis courts and beside them are 2 huge swimming pools. As I look down I can see a solitary person in each pool, swimming up and life guards on duty....their chairs are empty. Moving on round are another 3 tennis courts with each one in use. Huge green area in the middle of 2 running tracks but only one person slowly jogging around. There is obviously a school below as there are loads of kids outside playing basketball on 2 courts. I can hear them shouting and laughing even though I am a long way above them.

The main road is completely full of traffic. Buses are never ending, pulling in and out of the bus stops picking up passengers. Victoria Park is looking very colourful with all the lanterns and displays ready for the start of the Festival over the next 3 nights. Lots of people strolling around and the ground now almost dried out. Fingers crossed that the rain doesn't return to spoil the festivities.

Off to my right is the wonderful view of the harbour. Absolutely full of little boats, sampans, freighters and I can also see a huge white cruise liner anchored alongside Ocean Terminal in Kowloon. The Star Ferry is still plying back and forth loaded up with passengers.....shame haven't had a ride yet this trip...

In the distance I can just make out the outlying islands but they are looking very mysterious today, just black humps. Every so often a jet liner appears from Chek Lap Kok, International Airport, thundering overhead on route to 'who knows where'.

:-(I suppose all in all I can't complain about being 'room bound' I can think of worse places to be. Could sit and watch all this activity for hours.

:-)Andy hasn't appeared out for over an hour now, so that's a good sign. If it had to happen, better today than tomorrow as we will be starting our long journey back home. Can't think of anything worse than being ill on the plane. Business Class or not.

So here's hoping the tropical storm, formerly typhoon, has done its worst now and has left these shores. I shall return to my vigil in the window and await the recovery of my poor old man.

:-*Thanks for allowing me to fill in a few hours with all this waffle.

Andy and Babs


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