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Another wet day in Hong Kong

(Tuesday 21 September 2010) by Andy and Babs
Me again.

:-(Wasn't going to write any more for a while but when you are grounded in your Hotel room what else is there to do.

:-)Did manage out briefly though after lunch. Thought we would be really brave and clutching our brollies off we set. Absolutely chucking it down decided we would grab a taxi to take us to the Peak Tram. After the usual "touristy photo" we clambered aboard the tram along with dozens of other rain soaked people. Well I'd like to the say the view was brilliant BUT couldn't see a damned thing. We assumed the skyscrapers were still there but quite frankly hadn't a clue. Water was gushing down the monsoon drains and cascading down the windows....oh what fun!!!

Arrived at the top and out through the usual shops with the motto appearing to be 'pile it high' and 'sell it cheap'. Resisted all temptations and thought shall we make a dash for the other shops on the opposite side....brolly up and door open we dashed across the rivers of water and made it safely to the other side. Not a lot of people around, so we had all the shops to ourselves. Didn't find anything to buy though so thought maybe a trip in to McDonalds was called for. Must be over 4 months since the last time I had eaten a burger from there mmmmmm still tastes like a bit of cardboard. Tasty fries though.

A couple of hours later we decided we had had enough and thought we would catch a bus back. Luckily the bus was already at the stop so we hopped on board and struggled up the very wet stairs. Front seats were vacant so grabbed them and as belts were provided thought it advisable to strap myself in. Andy of course being slightly larger than me....hadn't a hope in hell of getting it round him. Definitely not designed for large European men. For once we had a very cautious driver...took the corners very carefully...not surprised as the roads looked more like rivers. It was interesting to catch a glimpse of where our old home used to be. Difficult to see really, due to the lashing rain, but brought a lump to the throat anyway. Spent a very happy 2 years living in Happy Valley.

We joined all the traffic heading in to the Central area and it seemed to take forever to get through...once we turned right the driver decided he was going to put his foot down just as we decided to come down the stairs to get off at the next stop. Clutching brolly in one hand and hanging on for grim death with the other, made it!!!! Out into the lashing rain again and a mad dash for the nearest Mtr Station. Phew!!!!!! Into the dry once more and we joined the thousands of other commuters on their way home from work. Gosh I had forgotten how many people there are in Hong Kong. Fought our way up the escalators and eventually on to the train. Actually managed to get a seat, for a change. Our stop arrived and it was a long climb up the exceedingly wet stairs and out into it once more. What fun dodging all the other umbrella users, who seemed set on poking my eyes out. Hotel was soon in our sights and we almost fell through the door in our eagerness to get inside.

That's for the night again....Andy has braved the rain once more to go put some laundry in....he found a place just round the corner. He has just returned saying the rain is easing but I really don't fancy going out again. Hopefully by tomorrow this Typhoon will have blown itself out and we get to see the sun once more before we leave. Still got a trip on the Star Ferry to do and also watch the Laser light show that happens every night at 8 pm. Don't know if it took place last night as we couldn't see anything from out of our window.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day.B-)

Andy and Babs

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