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Final days in Cairns and first day in Hong Kong

(Sunday 19 September 2010) by Andy and Babs
Good morning from a hot and steamy Hong Kong.

Left Cairns and our family with great sadness yesterday afternoon. What a wonderful time we have had over the last 3 weeks. Can't believe how quickly the time has passed.

On our return from travelling around Western Australia we only had 3 days with the family but we packed as much into it as possible. Andy spent a day out with our nephew and family fishing and us 'girls' had a trip up to Kuranda via the train. My wonderful sis in law had treated us to a "Gold Class" carriage with proper comfy seats and our own cabin attendant who supplied us with drinks and nibbles....yummy. Scenery was just beautiful as we climbed higher and higher up through the Rain Forest. Journey takes approximately one and a half hours with a stop at the Waterfall. Had a tour of the surrounding area and then it was the return journey via Skyrail. This consists of a cable car ride over the rain forest canopy. Bird's eye view and what a view it was too. Think my Mum in law was glad when we reached the bottom and it was time to get off, not very keen on it at all.

Thank you Nicky for arranging such a special trip for us, I certainly won't forget it.

Following day was spent lounging around in the swimming pool and not doing very much at caught up on the laundry and nothing else for most of the day, how lovely!!! Soon it was time to change and go out to meet up with all the family for a farewell meal. Lots of good food and great chat with all the nephews, niece and great nieces and great nephews.

All too soon it was time to do the dreaded packing once more, have a quick bite to eat and then say our goodbyes. All good things must end at some point but it is always sad to leave loved ones behind.

Arrived to a very quiet and deserted Cairns Airport so check in was swift and soon we were spending our last few Aussie dollars and making our way on board. Flight time is just under 7 hours so is not too bad. Enjoyed the delights of Business Class once more. 3 movies and a meal and we were soon approaching Hong Kong once more. I still get soooooo excited when I see the skycrapers of this wonderful place. Couldn't believe how quickly we cleared Immigration and were soon on the Express Train speeding our way to Hong Kong Island. Quick taxi ride and we were at our hotel for the next 5 nights. Got a great deal on this's like a junior suite with free internet, breakfast and superb views of the city. Having a lazy morning to recuperate from that really hard flight.

Just off for our first breakfast of the day so will see what's on offer.

Usual continental, but the view from the 29th floor where it was served was just amazing. Seemed to be a very select few indulging, so it was very quiet and peaceful up above all the normal that a word? Think I shall create a whole new language just for myself.

Decided a trip up to the roof top was in order so hopped into the lift and as we reached the 32nd floor, I got out but Andy didn't, wasn't fast enough and the doors shut sending him off down to the lobby, where he got into a different lift that didn't take him back to the 32nd floor. Mmmm, meanwhile I am stood like a lemon waiting for him to put in an appearance.

This floor also houses the gymn so whilst waiting for yours truly, decided to have a look around......only looked, as those machines seem far too much like hard work to me. Eventually Andy appeared from another stairwell.....his exercise for the day!!!!!

Stunning swimming pool and equally stunning views. I'm not too happy at these heights, so spent most of the time hugging the inner walls. Photo call over and now we are back in our suite having a coffee before braving the heat, which is 32 degrees at the moment and it's only 10 15 am. Going off to Jardines Bazzar for a wander and see what delights we can pick up.

Bye for now

Andy and Babs.


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