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Kalbarri to Perth

(Wednesday 15 September 2010) by Andy and Babs
Good morning to all my faithful followers.

Another sunny morning which is great, as we are off on the road again. Our stay in Kalbarri was lovely, beautiful little seaside resort. Our accommodation was brilliant.....loved the bags of prepared breakfast so we didn't have to go out foraging.

Thought we were going to have lots of lovely lie-ins but oh no.......pelican feeding at 7 30 am so it was up to a very chilly start and a quick drive down to the beach. Feeding takes place every morning by a group of volunteers. All female pelicans as the males don't mix with them apart from at the 'mating season'. Interesting talk given about their habits and how they interact with each other. They can be quite aggressive to the younger members of the group, as we witnessed. Bullying I call it.

Feeding over and we decided to go off to visit the Rainbow Jungle. This is a beautiful region in Kalbarri National Park. A breeding centre for parrots has been created to prevent the disappearance of many species. What a wonderful place and some of the most beautiful coloured birds I have ever seen. Spent most of the morning just strolling around and chatting to the very clever mimics that were around. Got dive bombed a few times but was wonderful to walk amongst them.

Next was a drive out through the National Park with a couple of stop offs at particularly scenic spots. Australia sure has some of the most spectacular scenery. Wild and beautiful flowers carpet the ground and the feeling of remoteness was just awesome.

Stopping at some cliff look outs we saw some more whales splashing in the far distance pity they are not a bit closer!!!!

Hoped to see the Monza F1 at the local sports bar but not to be so had a T-Bone steak to compensate hhmmmmmmmmmm. Got onto the BBC Sports web site and kept up with the race by "twitter", Lewis out in first lap, ah well next time.

The above couple of paragraphs was Andy's sole contribution to my blog. Don't think he was cut out for this blogging lark. So what has been happening since I did my last report.

Leaving Kalbarri on another beautiful sunny morning and another 250 miles to look forward to. Getting used to this long distance driving. A town called Cervantes being our next stop over. So named after a ship that sank just offshore.

Was amazed at all the wild sunflowers growing along the side of the highway. Much smaller than what we are used to seeing in England. Miles and miles of green fields filled with the dirtiest looking sheep ever. Well I don't think they were really dirty, just the unusual colour of their wool. Once again not like the nice white looking sheep we are used to seeing, more grey/brown.

Next place of interest was this amazing pretty and pink. Never seen a pink lake before so a stop off to take some photos was in order. Apparently the pink colour is caused by a high salt content. Even saltier than the sea. Very strange looking. Andy risked life and limb to achieve the best possible pictures. Was quite funny to see him stomping his way through the undergrowth....think he was trying to scare off any nasties that might be lurking within.

Rest of the journey I can't tell you about as I did my usual trick of nodding off....Andy said I missed some spectacular places of interest but I reckon he was fibbing.

Found our bed for the night in Cervantes. Well you have heard tell of a one horse town but this one was more like a donkey centre that we could find and if there was 2 shops that was the height of it, but pretty nonetheless. Having arrived earlier than expected we decided to unpack, have a coffee and then head out again. The renowned Pinnacles being our destination.

Not far to travel but a lot of it was on gravel roads....not gravel as we would know, but very hard packed rust red earth compacted to make a very hard surface. Really had no idea as to what to expect, didn't do any research, so when we drove in to the Nambung National Park, it was like arriving into something from another planet. Very spooky and eerie with these limestone pillars in a sand desert. Thousands of them. There is a track you drive round on but are free to park up and get out and walk amongst them. Simply awesome. Never seen anything like them in my life before. One of natures wonderful sights. We stayed to watch the sunset over the pinnacles which was just jaw droppingly stunning.

Darkness soon upon us we headed back to 'town' encountering 3 kangaroos, they just appeared from out of the side and hopped across the road in front of us. Quick screech of brakes to try and get a photo, but .......they were too fast and were last seen disappearing into the undergrowth. Thought we would have seen lots more kangaroos that we actually did...sadly a few on the side of highways but their hopping days were over.

Early to bed and early to rise again for our final 150 miles back to Perth. Back through the Swan Valley again with the same winerys as we saw before. Spotted some Emus in a field so a quick photo call and then back on the road again. Stopped off at a Roadhouse for something to eat and a coffee. These are great places....they all seem to have the obligatory aviary outside with pretty coloured birds. They dish up hot food, and anything else you could ask for. Met lots of interesting people on our various stops at these places.

Perth was soon reached and we thought we might have a problem getting checked in as it was way before 3pm.( normal check in time) No problem says a very nice Indian gentleman and clutching the key we parked up in front of our motel style Comfort Inn room. Unpacked and coffee'd (is there such a word) oh well there is now. I thought a trip to Scarborough was in order. We have been to Scarborough in Canada and also in Tobago as well as in England, so headed off with me clutching the map. Now I thought I had improved my map reading skills but sadly no.....ended up miles away from where we should have been. A quick stop for Andy to have a study of the map and we were soon on the way again.

Scarborough has and is still undergoing lots of improvements and is a very pretty place with new houses and a lovely beachfront with lots of sand dunes. Appeared to be a popular spot for wind surfers and keep fit fanatics. Lots of cycle paths and running tracks. Spent an enjoyable couple of hours wandering around and then had the biggest dinner sat along the beachfront. I reckon that Andy's was meant for 2 people, it was gigantic.

Another early night as our flight was at 7.05am. back to Sydney and then onwards to Cairns.

We are now zipping through the blue skies once more with another hour to go before landing in Sydney. Looking forward to seeing Nicky and family later on tonight and also a bit of heat. Think I said before, although it is lovely and sunny, it is not hot by any stretch of the imagination.

Oh well, just been given a snack so will sign off for now. Until next time.

love from Andy and Babs at 35,000 feet.


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