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Monkey Mia Encounter with the Dolphins

(Saturday 11 September 2010) by Andy and Babs
G'day again folks.

Continuing on from yesterday.....didn't sleep too good as we were, or should I say, I, was afraid of sleeping in this morning and missing the excitement. So eventually at 6.30 am decided to put the kettle on and make the coffee for a change. That is normally Andy's job first thing. Up and dressed in warm clothing, the mornings tend to be a bit chilly here. Made our way along the beach to join all the other residents of the resort lined up for the arrival of the dolphins. We were given brief instructions as to what to do and what not. As the dolphins are totally wild it is now forbidden to touch them or get in the water to swim with them....years ago that used to be the case but as they have now discovered they are susceptible to our colds and other human germs so contact has been discouraged.

As we all made our way down to the edge of the water, as if on cue, there they were. Allowed to enter the water up to our knees these beautiful creatures swam up and down past us giving us the eye. Really don't know who was more curious, them or us. After about 10 minutes we were asked to leave the water and move back to the dry sand while they were given a small amount of fish. Each dolphin is only given a small percentage of their daily diet so as to allow them to continue fending for themselves and their calfs. chosen members of the public were asked to come forward and feed them their morning ration. As soon as the buckets were emptied and rinsed out the dolphins quickly left us to return to the deeper waters. This ritual continues for 3 separate visits per one knows at what time they will or will not appear, they apparently call the shots.

The first visit this morning contained 4 dolphins but by the 3rd visit we counted 11. The adults left their calfs to frolic in the deeper waters while they came up to the beach for their check out of the new human arrivals. Simply a wonderful experience, and hope to do it again tomorrow morning, before we leave.

After all the excitement of the dolphins it was time for breakfast. OMG if you had seen the size of the plateful of cooked breakfast we had....this is included with our stay here so went for the works, not realising how gigantic it was.

Next stop was a visit to the theatre to watch a movie about how the Australian waters of the West Coast are different from any other. The chatting, scraping of chairs and general being a pain from an unrestrained 3 year old caused lots of tutting and dirty looks. Didn't have much effect though as this kid was determined to ruin it for everyone, and Mum appeared to be quite oblivious to it all. Oh well!!!!!!! what can you do?

Out into the wonderful sunshine, getting warmer as the day went on. Decided to take a stroll along the beach, it simply stretches for miles and miles. Lots of people fishing and the majority of them were women....even catching some little tiddlers so there must be plenty of fish out there, or just that the fairer sex did a better job of catching them.

Now having set off with little or no preparation as regards the sunshine, Andy having no hat or sunscreen, decided that he would turn himself into the oldest "hoodie" ever. Having purchased himself a sweatshirt back in Sydney thought today was a good time to unfold it. Next he decided to have a sit down on the sand and dig himself a huge hole he 3 or 63 I wonder. I decided to photograph him just so that all at home could see what I have to live with. He was literally as happy as a sandboy for half an hour. He also enjoyed poking some very weird looking sea creature with a stick.

Returning after our "hectic" morning.....decided to have a coffee on our balcony and as we were sat enjoying it what should swim past but another dolphin. We are also gazing down at some wonderful pelicans as they strut around looking important. Isn't life hell for us!!!!!!

Sadly we are on the road again tomorrow. Another 245 miles to cover excluding any turn offs we might decide to take.

We haven't been able to get access to the internet along the way so unfortunately you will have to wait for another update. Can I also just say that getting the photos on to the "blog gallery" has been a nightmare so have decided to knock it on the head. Facebook is much more successful and a hundred times quicker to do, so, you will have to check them out on there. I know you don't all go on to Facebook but trying to do 2 lots of photos has been just toooooooooooo difficult. Taking almost an hour for 2 photos to upload on to the blog was just a pain.

Can I take this opportunity to thank you all for reading my blog and all your wonderful comments. Without them I wouldn't know whether any one was actually reading them. So as long as you read, I'll keep doing.

Until next time,

Andy and Babs


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