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Trip to Fremantle

(Tuesday 7 September 2010) by Andy and Babs
Greetings from Perth.

Our arrival at the airport went smoothly and picking up the hire car we were soon on our way into Perth. Got lost a few times before finding our accomodation for the next 3 nights, but eventually arrived in the car park.

:-(Hotel a bit downmarket from the last one....well going from 5 to 3 star twas bound to be. Oh well can't live in luxury all the time. Comforable room though if a trifle noisy at times. It's right beside one of the main arteries in to Perth and only single glazing. Oh well...with the TV turned up you can hardly hear it.

First thing we noticed was how chilly it was. Although the skies are a beautiful blue and the sun is shining it is still only about 17 degrees with the nights down to 5 degrees. In to our room and the a/c quickly changed to heat, we were soon nice and toasty and the unpacking completed it was downstairs for a meal. Being Sunday it was a roast dinner....very welcome. Early night as we were both pretty bushed.

Up at the crack of dawn as a big day of exploring planned. We get free breakfast here....well actually it's one free breakfast and the other has to be paid for. Mmmmm whose turn for the freebie??

Car loaded up, we were soon on our way to Fremantle. Lovely easy drive, not much in the way of traffic and about a half hour later we had arrived. Didn't realise it was so close to Perth. What a beautiful place, all single storey buildings and a very laid back feel to it. Hardly anyone around, we had the streets to ourselves and spent the next few hours just walking around and admiring all the lovely buildings. Lunch time was soon upon us and it was decided to try a good ole Aussie pie. Wow!! it was the tastiest pie I swear I've ever had....full to the brim with the tenderest chunks of beef. Wish we had bought extras to bring back to the hotel with us. Great coffee too. Continuing on our wanders, went up to take a photo of this amazing tree with red flowers on, wondered what was moving around in the foliage and lo and behold there were 2 of the most beautiful coloured parrots (well we think that's what they were). Many photos later we left Fremantle to head off up the spectacular coast to Rockingham. Had a few beach stops along the way and not another person to be seen....was just fantastic. Dipped a toe in the water but it was freezing, so no swimming for me....well....don't have a cossie anyway so good excuse. Just as we set off again we encountered a black bird with a sausage hanging out of its beak. How weird!!!

Continuing on with our journey through a mixture of bush and farming land we spotted red kangaroos lots of cattle and various other birds of unknown names....well to us anyway. Our final destination of the day was a place called Bunbury. Parked up by the beach and Andy went off for a stroll...I decided to have a bit of shut eye. Rudely awakened again by Andy asking me to get out of the car and go with him down on to the beach. Always eager to please my man, I was out the car like a rocket...yeah right!!!! Once on the beach I was told to gaze out to sea and lo and behold there was a whale and someone else said they thought she had a calf with her. How amazing to witness such an event. Spent some time there with the binoculars but sadly time was moving on and we had to leave this most beautiful spot.

It was now time to head back to Perth before it got too dark and we couldn't see to read the map. Everything went well until coming off the highway too early and got completely in a pickle. Well wait for it folks......I that is me, yours truly, she who can't read a map to save her life, not got a clue, actually managed to guide us back to our hotel.....whooooohoooo!!!!!
AND I didn't have my glasses on either....what a night of celebration.

Well after another good nights kip we are almost ready to hit the road again. Going to leave the car behind this morning and venture in to Perth City on the freebie bus. Stop is just outside the hotel here so not far to go....just finish the coffee and we are off.

Until next time.:-*

Andy and Babs.


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