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(Sunday 5 September 2010) by Andy and Babs
Hi folks, it's me again.

Thought I would continue with my/our travel adventures from 39,000 feet. We are currently whizzing through the sky on our way to Perth. Helps to pass the time as well... this flight is 4 and a half hours long so anything that makes the time go faster is welcome. My travel companion is engrossed in some highly entertaining movie so not much chat from him.

We have just had a very tasty meal served by the oldest cabin crew we have ever flown with....age obviously no barrier to Quantas. All male crew but very very nice. Our lunch was topped off by a Kit Kat ice cream cornet, yummy!!!

Flight down from Cairns was only 2 1/2 hours so was a doddle. Leaving glorious sunshine and a temperature of 30 degrees, we weren't quite prepared for the grey skies and drizzly rain and only 17 degrees. Didn't help with the sleeveless top and flip flops either. Baggage reclaimed we were soon outside and awaiting a bus to take us in to the City centre. Driver of the mini bus was of Asian origin and really wasn't too sure where he was supposed to be going, kept checking his paperwork and there were endless phone calls. Oh well, like they say in Oz "no worries" and eventually we pulled up outside our very plush hotel for the next 3 nights. Andy must have had a beer or two when he booked this one. Either that or I had been particularly nice to him earlier on in the day.

Next morning after a delicious breakfast it was decided that before we could go anywhere I needed to go do some shopping and find some warmer clothes....this is the second trip we have been on that I have had totally the wrong clothes. Being a so called "experienced traveller" you would think I would be a bit more prepared, but oh no!!!!!! Now Andy being Andy is not one of the world's greatest shoppers, in fact, he hates it. Soooooooooo having dragged him around all these designer shops he heaved a sigh of relief when eventually I managed to find a couple of sweaters at $10 each in a little side street with a huge sale on. Next I fell upon a very striking jacket that I just had to have. Again very cheap, so both of us happy now and me a lot warmer.

Decided to wander down to Circular Quay for a roam around and then it was off to catch a ferry over to Manly. This is about a half hour trip, and is most enjoyable as it shows off the Opera House and Harbour Bridge in all their glory. I just love Sydney....such friendly people and has a great vibe about it. Arriving at Manly we decided to get some fish and chips and go sit on the beach. Bit cold and windy but with my new jumper and colourful jacket....did I tell you that it is just a tad too small.....buttons won't meet..but what the heck!!!!! Found ourselves a seat and unwrapped our lunch. Within 30 seconds the seagulls had dived in and flew off with half of Andy's piece of fish and swiped the chip from out of my hand just as I was about to put it in my mouth. Pesky birds!!!!!!! Or other such expletives. Spent the next 10 minutes guarding what was left of the chips before setting off once more for a stroll along the beach. Passed by this very strange man who was obviously in love with this huge tree. He had both arms wrapped around it with his head pressed up against he looked quite normal to me so maybe he was just a great tree lover.

Spent a couple of hours just ambling around this very interesting town with it's beautiful white sandy beach and blue/green sea. Cup of afternoon coffee and it was back on the ferry for the return journey. On the way back to Sydney harbour we wondered why all of a sudden there was a flurry of activity as everyone suddenly left their seats and were peering over the side....dolphins....or so we were told. By the time We had got to the side they were gone. Story of my life.....always too late.

Entertainers abound along the waterfront....Lots of music from the Aborigine guys playing with their digeridoos (now I know that isn't spelt right) but haven't got my dictionary with me. I'm sure you will forgive me. They were desperately trying to sell their latest CD but I'm sure I bought one last time so didn't succumb.

Saturday morning dawned and our last full day. Yummy breakfast once more and then it was off out in to the rain. What a pain. Oh well...on our last trip to Hong Kong Nicky had kindly bought Andy and I some umbrellas, so they were duly unwrapped and off we set. Just across the road from our hotel is Hyde Park so a walk through there and then up to the huge Cathedral. Respite from the rain for a while and then back down to the Sydney Tower. We have been up it a couple of times before but it is always worth another visit. Pity about the rain as it detracted somewhat from the spectacular views but we still spent most of the afternoon wandering around.

Found a nice restuarant eventually after much walking around and had a tasty meal before returning to the hotel for a quick half hour on the computer before it was time to start on the packing up once more.

Awake really early this morning to discover brilliant sunshine....typical. Final breakfast, check out, taxi to the airport and returning to my opening paragraph, still up in the beautiful blue sky and almost nearing our destination. Never been to Perth before so eagerly anticipating our arrival.

This has been a great way of passing the time, so now I will have to disturb Andy who is still engrossed in his film and get him to put the laptop away again. Have a feeling we have begun our descent so will say goodbye for now.

Lots of love,

Andy and Babs

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